The Jahangirnagar Review

Journal of the Faculty of Social Sciences, a blind-reviewed journal of the Faculty of Social Sciences , Jahangirnagar University, which is published every year. 

Vol. 44 (2020): The Jahangirnagar Review (Vol 44)

The Jahangirnagar Review
Part II: Social Science
Vol. 44, 2020, Printed in June 2020
ISSN 1682-7422   Editorial Board:
Rasheda Akhtar                           Editor
Al Masud Hasanuzzaman           Member
A K M Abul Kalam                       Member
Khandaker M. A. Munim             Member
Md. Mizanur Rahman                 Member
Mohammad Nasir Uddin             Member
Jebunnessa                                Member
Published: 01-06-2020

Published: 21-09-2023

Internet Memes and Normalisation of Sexism in the time of Covid-19

Zobaida Nasreen, Muhammad Ahsan Habib (Author)


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